Set Composer

What it Does

Set composer is a toolset for managing information. Using a simple set of online tools, define the shape of data you would like to collect, and Set Composer will build a database for you. Users enter data using a PC, Mac or mobile device. Data is saved to an online cloud, allowing you to view metrics, download basic reports, or export raw data for more advanced analytics.

Why Set Composer?

Computers are excellent for automating tasks. Set Composer is a tool for managing a set of things, such as the number of widgets sold each day, a collection of corporate policies or TPS reports.

Enterprise Ready

Set Composer is designed with enterprise concerns in mind. Cloud services provide the ability to start with only necessary resources, encrypt information at rest for sensitive information, and scale up to tens of thousands of users. Plugins accomodate complex workflows, tie into existing authentication directories, and provide custom functionality.

Use Cases

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Denominator data collection

Quality improvement efforts